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Can I get my Podcast or Radio Show on WBLZ Sports?  If so, at what cost?​​

Yes, we are always looking for new shows, new podcasts, new ideas... and we are interested in growing the station for the fanz.   Each show is allowed to obtain their own sponsor and will be allowed to retain 100% of that sponsorship money.  Interested parties should e-mail WBLZ Sports - [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Can I advertise with WBLZ Sports?

WBLZ Sports has a unique worldwide demographic.  Not only do our advertising packages reach around the world, but packages can be constructed to reach specific areas.   While we allow for each show to gather their own sponsorship, WBLZ Sports Sponsorship/Advertising will be played on all shows on all avenues of communication.  Packages ranging from website to mobile app to network sponsorship are available.   If you desire to advertise with WBLZ Sports

What equipment do you require of a LIVE Show?

We require all shows to have a mixer allowing the quality of sound to be professional.   We don't require a specific type of mixer (8 channel with mix/minus is prefered) so long as the connection is of professional quality.   We use Rocket Broadcaster (free for PC) or Nicecast (mac) to connect remote computers to our server.  Skype is used to take calls or for guests to dial into.

If a show were to do Facebook LIVE or Periscope LIVE... We require the shows to use the WBLZ Sports accounts.